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Towards Better Tomorrow
Raj Heights School is very particular about the feedback of the parents and students. Therefore, we conduct regular Parent Teacher meetings during the session. Top priority is given to the suggestions of the parents for further improvement.

The school is providing opportunities to the students in the field of co-curricular activities. The students are divided in different Houses. House wise activities are being performed throughout the session. The school has full time and part time teachers to teach Yoga and Meditation, Art & Craft, Painting, Music & Dance and Dramatics

Inter-house Competitions

Debates, Quiz, Singing, Dancing, Painting, Rangoli, Craft are some of the events conducted during the session. This brings out the creative talents of the children.


Class wise assembly is conducted every day and the special attraction is learning new English words with its meaning and G.K. discussions during the Assembly. It develops self-confidence while learning.


Raj Heights students celebrate various festivals of our culture. Every care is taken to provide festive moods to various celebrations like Rakhsha Bandhan, Independence Day, Ganesh-Chaturthi, Dussehra, Diwali, Janmashtami, Teachers Day, Childrens Day, Christmas, Republic Day, Holi, Ram Navmi Maha Shivratri etc.

The curriculum incorporates advance contemporary thinking in early childhood education. Personalised. teaching-learning plan in pre-primary and primary classes is the strength of the academy. The school is affiliated to CBSE and hence the syllabus is as per the directives of CBSE.

Training in computer has been made compulsory. A well developed A.V. room/ Digital Class Room is set-up for the students from Nursery to onward classes. All modern tools and techniques of education has been employed. Seminars, Workshops, Group discussions, Debate, Quiz are certain important compulsory academic activities of the school.

While following the curriculum, the school takes particular care to ensure a whole-some all-round development of the children, their character and personality.

Mastering new skills and concepts, student centered approach to instruction, inter-disciplinary and enquiry based curriculum with a good Teacher-Student ratio.

Projects, Assignments and presentations

Real life situations are conducted through regular projects and presentations dealing with a variety of topics.

Interactive Class Session

It is an interactive method of teaching in all the classes rather than one way mode of lecturing. It fosters an enjoyable and fun loving way of learning.

Advance Teaching Aids

We are equipped with LCD and overhead projector, computers as teaching aids.

The school pays its regard and respect to the parent, teacher and the student. The school finds the need of the involvement of parents which is so vital for the all-round development and discipline of their wards. The school maintains a regular line of communication with the parents informing about the Do's and Don'ts of their ward.

The school session is from April to March. The School remains close for summer vacation as per the academic Almanac.

Assessment policy of the school is based on comprehensive and continuous Evaluation (C.C.E.). Proper weight-age have been given for each term and examination along with the Formal Assessments.

Over all grade and subject-wise grades are awarded as per the CBSE rule.

There are two terms during the session.

1. April to September

2. Oct. to March

“Mastering new skills and concepts, student centered approach to instruction, inter-disciplinary and enquiry based curriculum with a good Teacher-Student ratio.”
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