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Smt. Anita Jain

Message from Chairperson

Some descriptionRaj Heights School is a School committed to quality education. We believe that catching them early is very essential. We offer a system of pre-school education in our Kindergarten Section to provide an educational situation less formal than that of the elementary school, but one in which children's creative play instincts would be organised constructively. Through the use of songs, stories, games, simple manual materials and group activities, our school has become a home for the little ones.

The education develops through expression and social co-operation and it influences Elementary Education, Middle School and High School sections which further nurture and strengthen the foundation laid.

To ensure proper and personal attention throughout the formative years spent in school, we believe in smaller numbers in a class.

We support our students through the medium of music, dance, physical training, karate and participation in competitions to solve the problems and disturbances arise during their growth.

Academics are made more enjoyable and meaningful through interactive and audio-visual aided lessons.

Our well equipped Science and Computer laboratories and library emphasises our resolve to inculcate an enquiring spirit and urge to acquire knowledge. All this is possible through well qualified, experienced staff.

To be a leader in athletics and academics generates great pride. We believe in this maxim and nurture our students so that the best in each and every one of them is brought out.

I wish all the members who are part of this institution all the best for their endless effort in moulding the children.

Smt. Anita Jain

“Mastering new skills and concepts, student centered approach to instruction, inter-disciplinary and enquiry based curriculum with a good Teacher-Student ratio.”
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